6 Things to Do In Las Vegas Away from the Strip

If you're coming to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, there's a chance you'll get tired of being in and around casinos. We understand. This happens to the best of us. Sometimes, you just want to get away and experience nature, or at least experience something without the dinging dinging dinging of slot machines filling your ears 24 hours a day.

To that end, we've put together a list of 6 things you can do to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip and to kill a few hours.

The Neon Museum Boneyard: Take a stroll through a graveyard of old Vegas signs. Beginning with the Hacienda Horse Rider, this museum has collected historical signs from long-shuttered casino greats like the Binion's Horseshoe, The Silver Slipper and more. Guided one-hour tours are available 7 days a week; tickets will run you $18. It's a cool way to see a bit of the history of Las Vegas.

The Mob Museum: Most folks know Vegas was created by mobsters, and this museum pays tribute to Sin City's mafioso-inspired beginnings. Here, you'll see how the Mob made Vegas, how battles to bring down the gangs that controlled Vegas in the 1950's and much more. There are many exhibits included here, and it's close to the Neon Boneyard, so you can make a day of it. In fact, if you pay $30, you'll get a single ticket that allows you into both the Neon and Mob museums. You can't beat that deal.

Hiking in Red Rock: If you want to get away from the lights and the manufactured nature of the strip, the Red Rock conservatory is roughly a 30 minute drive. You'll pay $8 per vehicle to obtain access to the one-way scenic route, which is approximately 13 miles of gorgeous driving in the canyons and mountains of Red Rock. And if you want to explore even further, you can stop at one of many trailheads and venture in on foot to see waterfalls and more. The truly hardy can attempt the 8-mile Turtle Head Peak trail, which is grueling but offers unbeatable views of the entire Vegas valley at the end.

Hoover Dam: Those interested in history and sheer wonder will find plenty to love about the Hoover Dam, especially if you take the guided tour deep inside the innards of the dam itself. You'll see how the dam was built, and you'll discover why it's a marvel of engineering. And, there isn't much else like standing on top of the damn, in the middle, and looking down as the concrete slopes away from you to the tiny cars parked down below. And if you want a truly breathtaking view of the dam, you can walk up to the Hoover Dam Bypass and experience true heights in all their glory.

Voodoo Zip Line: Chances are good that you'll be spending a lot of time at the Rio, anyway, so while you're there you might as well pay a visit to top of the hotel and ride the Voodoo Zipline. If heights aren't your thing--and we totally understand if that's the case--you'll want to stay far away from this attraction. It puts you 490 feet in the air and zooms you along at speeds of more than 30 miles per hour. You've gotta be older than 21 to ride, and probably younger than 70 so that you do not have a heart attack.

World Class Driving: You've probably heard that you can go out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and drive Ferraris, and that's true. You can. Or you can book a tour with the folks at World Class Driving and drive those same cars out on some of Vegas' most scenic roads. It's pricey, but you'll get to drive three or four supercars (depending on the package you choose) out among some of the best views Vegas has to offer.

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