8 Great Headphones for the Poker Table

8 Great Headphones for the Poker Table

Whatever your musical taste, sound is important in getting through those long hours at the poker sites.

Tuning out that guy next to you may be just as important as playing that latest chart-topper. Here’s your guide to some sick sounds. So plug in and tune in (unless it’s Justin Beiber).


Bring out your personal monster with the official headphones of the World Poker Tour. These beauties offer plenty of cool designs, colors, and features. The DNA line ($270-300) features “Pure Monster Sound” and MusicShare, allowing you to share your tunes with friends. Want to ramp it up? The 24K line offers premium sound and clarity, and even swiveling ear cups ($300). MonsterProducts.com


Be like Dr. Dre with these big-time sound systems – great tunes and big money. The Beats Studio wireless ($379) are sleek, stylish, and stream a perfect sound for up to 30 feet to keep the tunes pumping when you’re away from the tables (and keep total control of your music right from the headphones). Beats byDre.com


These professional-quality headphones offer big sound with smooth looks and comfort. From studio recording to just chilling and grooving, Shure offers a wide selection with a pair for every price range – from $60 to $700. Looking for something a bit in the lower range, but still with ample kick? Check out the DJ quality SHR550DJ ($99) to mix it up at the tables. Shure.com


Cool colors and killer sound, JLab offers sleek design and quality. Looking for something that won’t break your bankroll? Check out the Bombora line (from $59) with fully-isolating ear cups that submerges the listener in music – and a cool old-school look! JLabAudio.com


This granddaddy of great sound offers plenty to blast that bass. Want to cancel out that poker chip clatter or that easy listening on the casino stereo system? Grab a QuietComfort 25 system (from $300), complete with high-
performing noise reduction and such superior sound that your time at the table will be nice – even on a losing streak. Crank it up! www.Bose.com


Drift into your own world with these elegant yet durable cans. The Music 4 U 2 series ($399) feels like you’re at the concert while you stay in your seat running the table. The “Room Feel” technology offers rich, vibrant beats. Surrounding noise? Gone. PSBSpeakers.com


Looking to really make an audible splash? The T90 New Tesla’s German engineering and technology offers high-end luxury sound. With headband and ear pads made from velvet microfiber, a T90 ($649) setup not only offers near-unmatched sound and clarity, but comfort as well. Crank it up and rake some pots. Beyerdynamic.com


Are you the “real deal” audiophile? As this German firm notes, its hand-assembled HD 800 series ($1,500) offers “an unmatched natural listening experience.” Can’t eat that deep into your bankroll? Sennheaier offers other options for us lower-stakes guys. Check out the Urbanite XL ($250) to take that club bass with you while betting and bluffing. Don’t forget the hoodie!

Sean Chaffin is a freelance writer in Crandall, Texas, who has written extensively about poker and gambling. His new book is Raising the Stakes: True Tales of Gambling, Wagering & Poker Faces, available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Follow him on Twitter @PokerTraditions.