Apple Announces New iPhone SE, 10" iPad Pro

Apple is adding new members to two of its most famous product families.

The Cupertino juggernaut today revealed the much-anticipated latest addition to the iPhone family. It's called the iPhone SE, and it's prett much exactly the same thing as the iPhone 6S, only smaller. For real. It has the same innards as the iPhone 6S released last fall, but squeezed into a 4-inch body that looks a whole lot like the iPhone 5. It's the same exact specs as the iPhone 6S, but in an iPhone 5 body, which is cool. Well, the new one is available in rose gold, so there's that.

Apple said that the small phone is very popular with its users—more than 30 million people have purchased one with the same form factor. Which means this new iPhone may ultimately end up being Apple's most popular. And at a price that starts at $399, they'll have no trouble selling a ton of them.

The company also unveiled the new iPad Pro, a 9.7" variation of the 13" monster they released in the fall. It starts at $599 for the smallest hard drive and goes up to $899 for a 256-gig behemoth that can handle just about every kind of computing task you throw at it. Apple will sell a smaller varation of the incredible Smart Keyboard cover that was released with the larger Pro.

Preorders will start on Thursday, and the new tablets will ship on March 31st.

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