Apple iPhone 6S Special Announcement Live Streaming Updates

Join us today at 1 p.m. ET for live updates from the Apple special event in San Francisco as the world's hottest tech company unveils the latest iPhone (and perhaps a whole lot more).

If you want an idea of what you might be able to expect today, we posted a preview last night that should get you up to speed. Granted, Apple has a way of surprising people, both with what they do and do not announce. But we'd be shocked if the newest iPhones and that brand new, heavily-rumored Apple TV aren't seen by the public for the very first time today.

Join us here on this post at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT for live updates from the Apple special event and find out what the company has under its sleeve.


  • New Apple Watch software including Facebook Messenger, iTranslate and more.
  • New versions of the Apple Watch Sport, including gold and rose gold.
  • New Apple Watch bands including muted fall colors
  • Apple partners with Hermes to create a new variation of the Apple Watch.
  • iPad Pro announced. 12.9" screen. 6.9mm thin. New Smart Keyboard cover revealed. $799.
  • Apple Pencil announced. Super futuristic stylus for the new iPad Pro. $99.
  • iPad Mini 4 announced. Same size as old Mini, same power as iPad Air 2.
  • New Apple TV with Siri and TVos announced. New Apple Remote has touch screen on top and is motion controlled. Starts at $149.
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus announced with 3D Touch, 12MP iSight camera on back. 5MP iSight camera on front. Available September 25.
  • iOS 9 is available Sept 16.


  • Nope, that's it for today. OneRepublic is closing the show. Thanks for joining us for all the fun coverage!
  • And that appears to be it for today's announcement, unless they have One More Thing. But if they did, it would certainly be a surprise.
  • They're starting a new program called the iPhone Upgrade Program. For $32 a month, you get to pick your carrier and you get a new iPhone once a year.
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will be $199 and $299. The old 6 moves down to start at $99.
  • They're showing something called Live Photos. You take a photo as you normally would, but when you use the 3D press, each photo shows a few seconds of videos. You don't do anything different - the phone automatically does this for you. It's on by default, takes a few milliseconds of videos both before and after the capture moment. That's great.
  • The new front camera is 5MP so you get better selfies and whatnot. They've also turned the retina display into a TrueTone flash for the front.
  • It can shoot 4K video.
  • They're showing photos taken straight from the camera with no retouching. They look incredible. The colors are very natural.
  • The new 6S camera is a 12MP iSight camera.
  • The new processor also allows Siri to stay on all the time, so you can say "Hey Siri" at any time and she'll respond.
  • Showing a new WarHammer game, and it looks incredible with the new graphics and with the 3D Touch.
  • The phone has the third-generation 64-bit processor. Promises 70% faster speed from the CPU and 90% faster from the graphics processor.
  • They're showing tons of different uses for the 3D Touch. That's a much better name than Force Touch, especially with Star Wars coming out.
  • In Mail, push harder than you normally would and a preview of the message pops up. Let go and the message pops back in. Or push harder and it opens it up full screen.
  • It also has the Taptic Engine from the Apple Watch and MacBook trackpads, so the phone can actually "tap" your finger from beneath the screen.
  • iPhone now recognizes the force of your touch. Use it on the home screen to get shortcuts you normally use in apps.
  • The phone adds in 3D Touch, which was formerly called Force Touch.
  • The metal in the phone is actually a brand new Apple Alloy - the same grade allow as used in the aerospace industry. The glass is also a brand new glass.
  • Tim says the phones may look familiar (They are the same), but that everything has changed about them. Says they are the most advanced smartphones in the world.
  • As expected, it's called the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. There's a rose gold variation this time that looks pretty nice.
  • Here we go with a preview video.
  • And now it's time to see the new iPhones.
  • The new Apple TV starts at $149 for the 32 gig and $199 for the 64 gig. Available beginning in October.
  • The new Siri Remote is Bluetooth, so there's no need to point the remote at the TV. Recharges via lightning connector.
  • A single purchase gives you universal access, so anything you buy for your phone or TV will work on the other devices. You can also continue games on one device where you left off on another.
  • Here we go, this is up my alley: showing off the new MLB.TV app for Apple TV. Streams at 60 frames per second for the first time. You can also watch multiple games at the same time. Give me this right now.
  • A woman from Gilt is up showing off the new Apple TV app for the service. If you feel like shopping from your couch, well, this will be a good app for you.
  • Now showing a new game from Harmonix called Beat Sports. It's a game designed for the whole family that mixes music with sports. Oh, and the new Apple Remote DOES have motion control. They're showing it off right now.
  • HipsterWhale representative out showing the new Crossy Road for Apple TV. It has multiplayer! That will be fun.
  • TVOS announced. Developers can create apps and games for the new Apple TV App Store.
  • You can also ask Siri for contextual information while watching movies. She'll also give you sports scores, news, etc, all at the bottom of the screen.
  • Oh, wow. You can say "What did she say again?" Siri will rewind the video 15 seconds and turn on the captions!
  • Eddie Cue is showing how Siri works with movies, TV shows, ETC. "Siri, show me funny new shows," and it pops up. That's kind of awesome. It searches across all content apps: Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, HBO, Hulu, etc - and gives you the results in one screen.
  • It looks like a regular Apple TV, except fatter. The remote has a glass touch surface built into the top, much like the PS4 controller. So no motion control it looks like, but instead it has the touch surface.
  • Here's the new Apple TV. Yep, it has Siri built in. A brand new remote, as expected. Seems like a lot of this is voice controlled. Nearly all of it, really.
  • "The future of TV is apps," Tim says. He's right.
  • And now it's time for the new Apple TV announcement.

    iPad Pro
    iPad Pro
  • It comes in silver, rose gold and space gray. Starts at $799. The Apple Pencil starts at $99 and the Smart Keyboard is $169. Available starting in November. And that's it for the iPad Pro. Next up should be the Apple TV.
  • This is the most advanced iPad ever and all of that stuff. Of course it is - it's the newest one! They aren't going to bring out a new iPad and then tell you it's not as good as the previous generation. Everything will always be the best.
  • The last iPad Pro demonstration is another medical app that's designed to show off the human anatomy for doctors. Let me tell you what: doctors will LOVE today's Apple event!
  • Now we've got an executive out from Adobe to show Adobe Comp, a layout/design tool on the iPad Pro. It actually looks pretty sweet. And they're also showing Adobe Photoshop Fix, which is an app for facial retouching that has facial recognition built in. The Adobe guy quickly turns a frowning model into a smiling model.
  • And now they've brought out someone from Microsoft to demonstrate Office for iPad. It's a new world, ladies and gentlemen.

  • "Apple Pencil is one of the most advanced technologies we've ever created."
  • The new Apple Pencil is announced. It's a super futuristic stylus. This thing looks incredible when used with the iPad.
  • Going through a lot of technical nonsense that will bore most of you, so we're going to skip all of this talk.
  • It has a full size keyboard. Showing off Garage Band. This thing is 12.9 inches diagonally, 2732x2048 resolution. That's even higher display than the MacBook Pro with retina display that I am currently typing this on.
  • They are playing a very dramatic video to introduce this thing. It looks like a giant iPhone 6. And yep, it's called the iPad Pro. It's massive.
  • "How can we take iPad to another level?" Tim says they have the biggest news in iPad since the iPad. And it's the giant iPad.
  • Next up is the iPad.

    The new Hermes Apple Watch
    The new Hermes Apple Watch
  • That's it for the Apple Watch.
  • All of the new models are shipping today. WatchOS2 is available next week.
  • Gold, rose gold and anodized aluminum have been added to the sport collection. All three look very nice. They've also added a Project Red band and a whole new line of sport bands for the fall. Colors are more muted and less Miley Cyrus.
  • Oh, sweet. Hermes is making watchbands for the Watch. In related news, I just learned how to pronounce Hermes.
  • Hmm. This new Watch app allows mothers to listen to the heartbeat of babies in the womb. That's...terrifying.
  • Yeah, I'm not at all interested in this medical app, but it seems like it would be neat for doctors.
  • They're going through all of the stuff that has already been announced for the new WatchOS. Nothing major here, except Facebook Messenger is coming to the Watch. Oh, and iTranslate - so you can speak straight into your Watch and it translates and speaks back to you in the language you've selected. Well, that's going to come in handy. There's also AirStrip, which is a medical app.
  • Tim Cook says we have a lot of announcements to make today, so we are jumping right in. First up? The Apple Watch.
  • "Dreams" by Beck is now playing at a very loud volume. That's a good song, by the way.
  • Here we go.
  • We're hearing live music from Beats One. Ten minutes until start time.

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