Best of Las Vegas: 5 Great Donut Shops

Donuts have always been a breakfast staple, but they're making a comeback lately. Driven by foodies and their insatiable thirst for offbeat tastes, gourmet donut shops have become a destination for breakfast-goers around the country.

Today, we bring you 5 of the best donut shops in Vegas. We've taste-tested all of them (for science), but we haven't tasted every donut in Vegas. Our heart couldn't handle that. So if there's a donut shop you feel deserves inclusion on this list, let us know and we'll check them out.

Ronald's Donuts (4600 Spring Mountain Rd)

The top-rated donut shop in Las Vegas is located on Spring Mountain near Decatur. This family-owned shop has been around since the 1970's, and makes what is possibly the best plain glazed donut in town. They're also known for their splendid vegan donuts, if that's your bag; the vegan chocolate custard donut is fantastic.

Donut Mania (4460 S Durango Dr)

One of the newer shops in Vegas, Donut Mania specializes in gourmet donuts. The regular glazed are cheaper, but you'll want to step up to the $2 gourmet line when you come here. The cereal donut (covered in milk cream and fruity pebbles) legitimately tastes like cereal. But it's the Oreo cheesecake donut that is the real star here; it is legitimately the best donut I've ever had.

Pinkbox (7531 W Lake Mead Blvd)

Pinkbox is perhaps the most famous gourmet donut maker in Vegas, and for good reason. The maple bacon donut here is overpowering in terms of flavor, but if you don't get one on your visit here, you're dumb. Sorry. You just are. There are multiple Pink Box locations, too, so you won't have to make a big trip to sastisfy your donut cravings

Real Donuts (1811 W Charleston Blvd)

The customer service at Real Donuts, located downtown on Charleston, is great. You won't find a ton of gourmet options here, but what you do get are tasty, solid donuts for great prices. Oh, and the Cinnamon Crumb Cake donut is the one you want here.

Krispy Kreme (Excailbur)

Located in the small food court between Excalibur and Luxor, Krispy Kreme is included here because of its location. But make no mistake about it: despite being a chain, Krispy Kreme still makes one of the most delectable and delightful glazed donuts on earth, and the real fun here comes from watching the donuts on the assembly line, going through a waterfall of glaze.

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