Best of Las Vegas: 5 Great Shows to See on the Strip

People come to Las Vegas for two things: gambling and entertainment.

Okay, they also come to Vegas to make bad decisions that are somehow forgiven because they are in Vegas. Oh, and they also come to Vegas to binge drink and maybe pass out somewhere in a public place after vomiting on themselves.

You know all about the gambling part. You are reading PokerNews.com, after all. But you might be undecided on the entertainment part. There are seemingly hundreds of shows in Vegas, from the myriad Cirque shows at MGM properties to other, lesser known shows that are still worth seeing.

Today, we're here to help you sift through all of the clutter and figure out which show you want to see while you're in Vegas. As always, we're only speaking from experience here, so if we missed your favorite show, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can check it out.

Michael Jackson: One (Cirque de Soleil, MGM Grand)

It's the newest Cirque show in Vegas, and tickets are tough to get on the weekends. But if you do attend, what you'll see is an emotional and moving look at the life of Michael Jackson, from his childhood star days all the way to his conflicts later in life. The artistry is special, and there are some excellent technological things happening here that we don't want to spoil. If you're at all a fan of Jackson's work, you must see this show.

The Beatles: Love (Cirque de Soleil, The Mirage)

Much like the Jackson show, this Cirque production takes a look at the lives and careers of The Beatles. But it does so by taking a deeper look at the world around them throughout the different phases of their careers. It's held in a circular theater that totally immerses you in the show, and the stunts here are breathtaking.

Zumanity (Cirque de Soleil, New York New York)

I'll be honest: I didn't understand what the story of Zumanity was supposed to be. It has something to do with the primal nature of man, I think. But I do know that there was some awesome dancing and cool prop tricks. Oh, and there's nudity—most of the performers are either topless or nearly so—so if that's your thing, this is the show for you.

Human Nature (The Venetian)

Four white dudes from Australia singing the hits of Motown might sound like a disaster waiting to happen. But Human Nature, a group that has been performing together since they were in high school, pulls it off with glee. The arrangements here are top notch, and they use a full live band. And it goes without saying that Human Nature as a vocal group is one of the best in the world. This is one of the strip's hidden and under-watched gems.

Frank: The Man. The Music (The Venetian)

This new addition to the Venetian is awesome, mostly because performer Bob Anderson looks exactly like Sinatra. Not in real life, he doesn't. Not at all. But each day, a Hollywood makeup team spends 3 hours applying film-quality prosthetics to Anderson's face, and the rest is a spooky and nearly perfect image of Frank. Anderson also sounds exactly like Sinatra, taking you through all of his hits and deep cuts. The full orchestra and band only add to this unique show.

Absinthe (Caesar's Palace)

Absinthe might be our favorite show on the strip. It combines the acrobatics of a Cirque event with lewd and hilarious comedy that will leave you blushing. And it takes place in a small tent in front of Caesar's Palace, which means every seat in the circular theater is close to the stage. And if you're actually sitting in the first few rows, many of the acrobatic tricks will be performed directly above you. It'll take your breath away, especially if you elect to imbibe some of the absinthe from the in-house bar.

Rock of Ages (The Venetian)

If you're a child of the 80's, this is a must-see. It's pretty much an awesome musical tour through everything that was good about rock music back in the day, from hair metal to pop ballads. Each cast member is pitch perfect in their role, and you'll find yourself singing along for pretty much the entirety of the show. You'll sing even louder if you go to the bar next door and have a few shots before heading into the theater.

What do you think?