Best of Vegas: Five Great Mexican Food Restaurants

Being from Texas, I have a special affinity for Mexican food.

Well, Tex-Mex. But it's close enough to the same thing. And the truth is that I love anything that involves tortilla chips and then something to dip those tortilla chips into before I eat them. So any place that gives me an unlimited amount of chips and multiple salsas and perhaps even bean dip? Believe me when I tell you that I am in heaven.

But now I live in Las Vegas, which is not the same as Texas in that there is not much in the way of Tex-Mex. I guess what we have here is something you could call Nev-Mex, which doesn't have the same ring? But I still eat it because, again, chips and salsa.

And it's not like all Mexican food joins in Las Vegas are terrible. Some of them are quite good. Today, I'll take a look at my favorites.

Tacos & Beer (3900 Paradise Rd)

This place is one of the new hipster hangouts near the Strip, but if you can stand the beards, black glasses and flannel shirts, you'll get some damn amazing tacos. As the name suggests, this place specializes in tacos and beer; there are approximately 18 different kinds of tacos, and they are all delicious. I know this because I have tried them all.

As the name also suggests, the beer list is great. There are plenty of great craft options on tap, and you'll find something you like (even if what you like is something horrible like Bud Light).

El Dorado Cantina (3025 Industrial Rd)

The chef here puts together some absolutely divine street tacos, and the tableside guac—put together, as the name suggests, at your table—is so very, very good. The margaritas are possibly the best margaritas Vegas has to offer, and if you don't finish your meal with the flan, you are probably a terrible person.

Tacos el Gordo (1724 E Charleston Blvd)

This downtown hotspot has a great selection of mouth-watering tacos. My personal favorite here is the chorizo taco, and the carne asada is the absolute best I've had in Vegas. I am nearly certain that the carne asada is marinated in some sort of drugs.

Taco y Taco (3430 E Tropicana Ave)

Remember what I said about the salsa earlier? Taco y Taco pretty much makes my list here today because of the salsa bar, which is giant and filled to overflowing with just about every kind of salsa you can think of. They're all good (again, I have tried them all, and this news shouldn't surprise you at this point), and some of them are downright spicy.

Lindo Michicoan (10082 W Flamingo Rd)

This gem out near Summerlin is my vote for the best all-around Mexican food eatery in Vegas. My personal favorite is the Shrimp Ensalada, which is essentially pico de gallo and shrimp marinated in a fantastic lime sauce and served with chips. (Yes, again. I love chips). But everything on the menu is good, and if you're out that way, you should stop in.

What do you think?