Best of Vegas: Your Guide to the 4th of July in Sin City

In Vegas for the World Series of Poker? You're about to experience one of the better Vegas holidays.

The 4th of July is Saturday, and there's no better place to experience a celebration of America's independence from England than right here in Sin City. Even if you aren't American, there's still a lot of fun things to do around town. Today, we've giving you a guide to some of the best, including our look at where you can see those massive fireworks shows our city is famous for.


There are plenty of casinos running their own brilliant fireworks shows beginning at 9 p.m. on July 4. The Stratosphere—that tall Space Needle-looking building over by Circus Circus—launches fireworks from the top of the tower. Mandalay Bay will also have a fireworks show, but that one is accompanied by live music from 311. If you want the best experience for that one, you'll need to be lounging at Mandalay Beach.

All Station Casinos will launch fireworks at 9 p.m. as well, from their Green Valley and Red Rock locations. Both of these are located off the strip, but they're easy to see from most places in the city.

At 9:15 p.m., Caesar's Palace will conduct their fireworks show, and it is arguably the best in the city. The best view of this show will come on the massive High Roller observation wheel, though you'll have to time things correctly in order to be at the top when the show begins.

Oh, and the Fremont Street Experience will have constant virtual fireworks on the arched screen high above the street, if the real stuff doesn't do it for you.

As far as viewing goes: any place with a view of the strip will be fine, but for a truly grand experience, you'll want to be high up in the air and facing the strip. If you're staying at the Rio, the Voodoo Rooftop club is a great spot to see the festivities.


There are plenty of great eating specials to be found on July 4. Tacos & Tequila at Luxor is offering a special $18 deal that includes a domestic beer and one of three menu offerings: the Matador burger, the Sonoran hot dog and the chorizo cheese fries. Hint: the cheese fries are great.

Rhumbar at the Mirage has concocted a special drink just for this weekend. It's called The Patriot, and it includes American vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, blue Curacao and egg whites. Yes, egg whites. Man, that sounds like it might be pretty good.

Serendipity 3 (in front of Caesars) just gave me a heart attack by announcing they'll have a Maple Bacon Cronut Sundae on the menu. Seriously. I am going to purchase this and eat it.

There are a ton of food and drink options. Well, mostly drink options.


Some of you are going to want to go to a pool and be seen, because being seen at pools are what you do at pools in Vegas. Not swimming. No. Just hanging out and being seen.

If you're insistent on being one of these people, the best way to secure access to a pool is to purchase your seating in advance. If you don't want to splurge and get a cabana (and I don't blame you one bit), then at least spend enough money to secure yourself a place. Otherwise, there will be 20 million people around you and you will hate life.

Also, don't overdo it on the alcohol. It's hot outside, in case you haven't noticed. The last thing you want is to be that person who passes out on your face and gets a horrific sunburn.

Yes, please remember the sunscreen.

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