Carry On Cocktail Kits Make Your Airplane Drinks Much Better

Let's face it: drinking on an airplane is usually a means to an end. When you order a Bloody Mary while flying the friendly skies, you usually aren't looking for top-shelf action. You're looking for something to help you get through your flight, or perhaps you are looking to lube up the old drinking engine before you land for a weekend of debauchery in Vegas.

Those are the facts. But it doesn't mean you can't drink something a little higher quality while flying.

That's where these new Carry On Cocktail Kits from W&P Design come in. There are currently three variations: the Moscow Mule, the Gin & Tonic and The Old Fashioned. Each kit comes in a nifty little tin that can be carried on to the plane, and all you need is a bottle of liquor. Each kit comes with a recipe card, a bar spoon, a 1/2 oz jigger, a linen napkin to make you feel ultra-fancy and the perfect syrup for your selected drink.

Each tin comes with enough ingredients to mix two drinks, which means your flight just received a significant upgrade.

Get your Carry On Cocktail Kit here for just $24.

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