Cash Play: USB Turntable, Great new Netflix show and more

It's Friday, which means it's time for another edition of Cash Play, where we give you the coolest, most awesome new things to buy, rent or download. In this edition: a new option for music hipsters, a super-fine rye whiskey and much more.

Ion USB Turntable/Cassette player ($68)

We've featured a lot of vinyl products here over the past few months, but this one might be the coolest. The Ion USB Turntable is super portable and can play your record collection, but it can also play those mix tapes you've had lying around around the house since high school. It has built-in speakers for listening on the go, and it can also use the USB connection to rip music from both sources straight to your computer for safekeeping.

Whistlepig Old World Rye Whiskey ($120)

I've discussed WhistlePig rye whiskey in the past, but this might be their finest bottle to date. This is a 12-year old rye that has been finished in Madeira, French Sauternes and Port wine casks, giving it the smoothest flavor you'll find for any rye whiskey on the market. It isn't cheap, but this is the good stuff.

Teqball (Price TBA)

Teqball is a brand new sport that combines table tennis and soccer for an intense, high-octane experience that will leave you exhausted. The Teqboard looks like a ping pong table that has been bent in the middle, and the players on either side can use any part of their body that is legal in soccer: legs, torso and head, to return the ball at their opponent. It can be played by 2 people, but teams of 2 or more can also play on each side.

David Ramirez, Fables ($10)

Texas singer-songwriter David Ramirez has been a hidden gym in the Texas music scene for a long time, but that is about to change. His newest record brings his incredible voice to the forefront, and his songs of heartache, hope and loss are moving.

Off The Menu (Free)

If you're the kinda person who enjoys ordering from the secret menus at In n' Out or Chipotle, this sweet new iPhone app is right up your alley. It lists off-menu items from tons of eateries around North America.

Narcos (Free)

The latest original series from Netflix focuses on the rise and fall of notorious Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, and it might be the first truly great Netflix show. Oh, and the entire season is available for streaming right now. You've got nothing else going on this weekend, right?

What do you think?