Change Your Home Workout with the GripBell

We are living in a time of innovation and invention in the fitness world. With more and more folks determined to get up off the couch and get less and less fat, some of the brightest minds out there are creating new ways to torch blubber and help us get healthy. And some of the neatest innovations in the fitness industry have come in developing variations of tried and true methods and tools that have existed forever.

Case in point: The Gripbell, which is now available as a Kickstarter project. The idea here is that a certain weight is stretched out across a wide area, which will then activate entirely different muscles and thereby provide a different workout than, say, a dumbell or kettlebell.

Here's what the Gripbell's creators have to say:

"Gripbellā€™s design is dynamic, stimulating the burn factor to be multiplied several times as you workout. Those who have tried our prototype were amazed at how intense the workout was on their bodies. When well into their workout they said that 3 pounds Gripbell began to feel like 15 pounds, and 5 pounds Gripbell began to feel like 25."

The Gripbell has a core made of recycled cast iron and is covered in a polyurethane exterior. When they ship in September 2016, they'll be available in a range of weights from 3 pounds to 12 pounds. They're made to easily travel and can be tossed in your suitcase and taken on the road, so you can't use the excuse I do when you're traveling about how hard it is to find a gym.

What do you think?