Ditch The Crap Hoverboards and Get a Real One with Arcaboard

The hoverboard fad is out of control. Just earlier today, we saw an entire family riding those dumb hoverboards around the mall. It's like, yeah, those things are cool and whatnot, but they don't need to serve as an excuse for us to get even fatter as a society.

Mix in a few hundred physical steps here and there and stop being lazy, Fatniss Everdeen.

And it's not like these things are actual hoverboards. They aren't. They have wheels on them and they most certainly do not hover. A more accurate name would be "skateboard that faces sideways" or something along those lines. Not hoverboard. We're all so desperate to unleash our inner Marty McFly that we'll call anything a hoverboard even if it isn't hovering in the slightest.

Whew. I feel better after that rant. And it's a good thing, too, because today I'm going to show you an actual hoverboard.

The Arcaboard uses 36 super-powered electric fans to lift its rider off the ground. No joke. It actually works. Well, it works up to 240 pounds, so the more rotund among you will have to stick with your fake hoverboard. But the rest of us can grab this bad boy, step on, lift off the ground and either control it with our iPhone or our bodies.

It has stabilization built in, thankfully, because if it didn't, we would probably quite literally kill ourselves in a bloody Arcaboard accident. And nobody wants that. I don't think.

Anyway, this bad boy will run you $20,000 when it's released, so you'd better REALLY want a hoverboard badly if you're going to drop cash for this thing.

What do you think?