Eat Smarter in 2016 with PersonalTrainerFood.com

So, I tend to eat very healthy and nutritious foods. For long stretches of time. I'll commit to losing 15 pounds and I'll lose it and I'll feel great that I'm shopping organic and cooking my own delicious meals and seeing the results after I spend a lot of time in the gym. It's addicting.

But here is also the thing about me, and I suspect many of you will fall into the same boat: it's just hard to maintain that kind of lifestyle for most people. I'll cook and cook and enjoy life and then one day I will decide I do not want to cook, and then two hours later I am asleep on the couch with remnants of curly fries and bits of Arby's roast beef covering my shirt. And then I've eaten the delicious Arby's roast beef once, so I might as well keep right on doing it, and then two weeks later I am fatter than I was a month before I started eating right.

I'm tired of this cycle. If you are, too, then I encourage you to try PersonalTrainerFood.com. It is a pre-made meals company that creates delicious, nutritious meals designed to fuel clean workouts and help you lost weight.

They have several plans, including plans designed to help men and women burn fat and become more muscular; these start at $14 a day, and includes three meals. That's cheap! If you're just looking for weight loss maintenance or meals that are convenient, they have a program that literally starts at $10 a day for three meals.

They have a wide variety of proteins and vegetable mixes/medleys, and you can essentially set it up so that no two meals are the same over the course of two weeks. Each meal comes in a food prep container with the vegetables in a steamer bag. All you have to do is stick the whole thing in the microwave and heat it up until your food is steaming hot.

Not sure you want to try it for a full month? That's okay. PersonalTrainerFood.com gave us a deal for StayStacked members only that gives you 2 meals a day for 14 days at a cost of only $89!

If you want to go the full monty, you can sign up using this link. And, if you sign up using that link and use the code HEALTHYFOOD when checking out, you'll get $100 off the plan you choose!

Why wait? Start your New Year's resolutions right this second.

What do you think?