Feel Like You're Walking on the Moon With These New Shoes

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I know I'm not alone in this regard. I wanted to grow up and go to astronaut school and eventually walk on the moon. Of course, NASA stopped running missions to the moon long before I was born, but that never dulled my flights of fancy. And I lived in Houston, approximately 40 minutes from the Johnson Space Center, and that helped fuel my space-going fires.

I did not become an astronaut, obviously, mostly because I was not remotely close to being smart enough. Turns out it takes more than just a dream to do something like going into space. But there are opportunities for those of us who dreamed of experiencing zero gravity as a child. There's the Zero G flight program. But the problem with that is that it would certainly make me throw up, and then we'd have vomit floating around a plane, and who really wants that? Nobody. That's the answer to that question.

But there's a shoe company that claims that it can give us the feeling of walking on the moon. That's right: a shoe company. Moonshine Creations has an Indiegogo page set up to help fund their new Moonwalker shoes, which look a little bit like Vans if Vans were eating far too much food.

Anyway, these new shoes claim to give you the feeling of walking on the moon. How do they accomplish this feat? Here, I'll let them explain:

"The moon-walking sensation comes from two layers within the shoe. Each layer is made up of powerful N45 magnets that are strategically placed so the north poles face each other. This creates a repellent force, which leaves you light on your feet and happy as an astronaut."

I have no idea if these things work or not. But I'd love to try them out, because walking on the moon still sounds like an awesomely good time. I plan on picking up a pair of these for $139 when they're available.

What do you think?