For $200 Million, You Can Own the Playboy Mansion. For Real.

Dudes across the world have dreamed about going to the famous Playboy Mansion for a very, very long time. For as long as the famous magazine of the same name has been in existence, the Mansion has gone hand in hand with founder Hugh Hefner, his red smoking jacket, pajamas and slippers. It was the ultimate in party destinations, if only you could somehow secure an invite.

Well, you won't need an invite much longer. Not if you have $200 million, anyway. That's because the Mansion is being put up for sale soon. The house itself, party destination or not, is a 6-bedroom, 8-bath, 20,000 square foot Tudor house built in 1927, and it's in the swanky Holmby Hills area of Beverly Hills.

The Mansion has a massive kitchen, home theater, tennis court and private gym. Oh, and it also has a private zoo out in the back. You know, just in case you fancy yourself a zookeeper, which hopefully you do not. But if you do, the Mansion is one of very few homes in the Los Angeles area with a private zoo license, so you're covered in case that new pet tiger of yours decides to snack on your dinner guests.

And of course, you also get the infamous Grotto pool area, which unfortunately does not seem to come with a complimentary bleaching to rid itself of...errr...history. We'll just leave it at that.

If you've got $200 million burning a hole in your pocket, why not buy a piece of history? Just don't go in the Grotto until it's been decontaminated and you're all set.

What do you think?