Fresh Clean Tees: The Perfect Christmas Gift For Guys

Fresh Clean Tees Subscription Box

My closet is a sorry state of affairs. I have a lot of clothes. A lot of t-shirts, to be specific. And all my printed t-shirts are hanging in my closet, cleaned and ready to go.

But my solid-color t-shirts? Holy crap, they're a mess. A foul, gross mess. One day last week I put on a plain white t-shirt to go to the store, because I already had on sweat pants and OF COURSE you're going to wear a white t-shirt with sweat pants when you go out in public. That's like a standard uniform for when you've given up on life or you're in the midst of a 10-hour Netflix binge.

So anyway, I put on this plain white shirt and go to Trader Joe's with all the other unwashed hippies, and when I get there I notice that my pits are a faint shade of brown. Which is fine, because again, Trader Joe's. That kind of thing is normal there and at Whole Foods.

But imagine if I went somewhere nice and noticed that I have gross pits or nacho cheese stains on my chest? The horror.

This is where Fresh Clean Tees comes to the rescue. It's a new subscription service designed to keep guys stocked in (as the name suggests) fresh shirts that haven't expired. You sign up on the website and for $36 a month, you get a package of three great t-shirts a month. They have several options for colors: James Dean, which gives you black and white shirts; Color Me Bad, featuring bold, bright colors. You can also go with All Black or All White.

This is a great service, especially for someone like me. I never think to buy plain t-shirts when I go shopping, and as a result I end up with shirts that have all manner of old food stains and sweat in them. Which is disgusting.

A Fresh Clean Tees subscription is also a fantastic Christmas gift idea for the man in your life. Not only will you make him look better, but you won't be embarrassed to take him to the store when he's wearing a t-shirt that he first wore in 2006.

Check 'em out today at FreshCleanTees.com

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