Give Your Kitchen Tongs a Gorgeous Upgrade

Kitchen tongs are usually not very good, in my experience. Perhaps the problem is actually that I am not very good at using kitchen tongs, but whatever. With my cheap tongs, I find that I tend to smash food when I grab it, leaving an ugly, unappealing mess. And that really messes with my Instagram food photos. We can't have that.

The new RealHamn chef tongs take care of that. They're constructed almost exactly like precision tweezers, and they operate in the exact same way. They're built to delicately grab food (instead of smash it), and they've been given the same kind of care and attention to detail as, say, a product from Apple. The RealHamn tongs are weighted, too, and have an ergonomic handle designed to fit comfortably in your hand whether you're trasnferring steak from the grill or vegetables from the wok in your kitchen.

The RealHamn tongs cost $60, though they are currently sold out.

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