Graava's new action camera edits video for you. Yes. It does.

Remember when your mom bought you that GoPro for your birthday? And how you thought it was going to be this awesome gift that you used all the time, but it's still sitting in the box next to the television in your bedroom?

We've all been there. Lots of us think it will be awesome to start shooting and editing video of our adventures. But then we are either daunted by the prospect of actually editing video (because we've never done anything like that before) or instead of having adventures we sit on the couch and binge-watch things on the magic Netflix box.

Let's change that. You'll have to get off your couch to have some adventures, because nobody wants a video of you dormant and slowly getting more fat. But if you DO get yourself outside, the new Graava Action Camera should be your constant companion.

This thing doesn't shoot in 4K (boo) or slow motion or anything like that. But it does edit your videos all by itself. Yes, I said it: this thing edits video by itself. No, it's not Skynet. This thing isn't the beginning of the coming robot revolution (that we know of). It just uses sensors and accelerometers combined with intelligent software to figure out which parts of your video are the most exciting, and then it splices them together to pulse-pounding music. All you have to do is press a single button on the bottom, and moments later, you've got a video that's instantly shareable via social media.

If this sounds like magic, well, it might just be. But you'll never know if you keep on watching 9 episodes of Orange is the New Black on a daily basis.

You can pre-order the Graava Action Camera from $299 right now.

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