Happy Back to the Future Day!

Today is the day.

Every year, some ignoramus on social media publishes a photo of the clock from Marty McFly's legendary DeLorean in the Back to the Future series. You know, the time machine. And you've seen these photos. Of course you have. You've probably even fallen for the photos that say "This is the day Marty traveled to the future in Back to the Future Part 2!"

But the truth is that none of those photos were ever correct. Until today, that is. Because today, October 21, 2015, is the day Marty traveled to the future. For real. It is Back to the Future Day, and it is time to celebrate.

Back to the Future is one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time, and rightly so. As a kid growing up when the movies were initially released, I can say they are probably my favorites. Ever. Star Wars was awesome - the first one was released the year I was born - but Back to the Future felt more real, if that makes sense. Star Wars was in the future and in space and in a galaxy far far away. Marty? He lived in Hill Valley, and Hill Valley could have been my hometown. I couldn't wield a lightsaber, but I could be Marty McFly.

So today, I will celebrate the movies. I'll read plenty of lists, such as this one detailing what the second movie got right about the future - and this, showing you what it didn't. I'll laugh at USA Today's layout today, which is an homage to the paper version contained in the movie.

And then this afternoon, I'll go to a marathon screening of all three movies and keep on dreaming about a day when we can all be Marty McFly, disrupting the space-time continuum.

What do you think?