Here are Ten of the Best Apps Released in 2015

Every day, our phones (and tablets) are becoming a growing extension of who we are. What was once a tagline for a commercial (there's an app for that!) is now absolute truth: pretty much anything you want to do will feature an app that can help you do it.

2015 was a pretty good year for apps, especially in the ever-evolving TV and music industries. Today, we're taking a look at 10 of the best apps released this year, from a wide variety of categories.

Apple Music (iOS, Android)

Apple's long-awaited music streaming service finally hit this year, and in a surprise move, it was also made available for Android phones. It's not perfect--Spotify is still the king of streaming, especially when it comes to ease of use--but if you've ever wanted access to Apple's entire iTunes store, this is the app for you. Plus, it comes with Beats One, Apple's rad 24/7 live radio station with real DJ's; Beats One is a great tool for discovering new music.

Darkroom (iOS)

With the iPhone 6 and now the 6S, the camera phone in your pocket has become nearly as good as the standalone cameras you can buy in stores. Darkroom is the perfect editing tool for mobile photographers, providing plenty of power in an easy-to-use format.

Hopper (iOS)

This wonderful app is a lifesaver (and wallet saver) for the frequent traveler. It analyzes airline prices and trends and then predicts the best time for you to book your next flight cheaply.

YouTube Music (iOS)

There are a ton of people who use YouTube as their daily music player. This app converts all of those music videos into an audio streaming service. Works best if you have a YouTube Red subscription.

Paper (iOS)

This award-winning app is the perfect doodling tool, allowing you to sketch out ideas or create gorgeous works of art right on your phone or iPad.

VHS Camcorder (iOS)

Think of this like a Hipstamatic or Instagram, but for videos. This app shoots video 80's style, giving them a grainy quality. You can also throw on one of those old digital timestamps in the bottom right corner for maximum effect.

Dubsmash (iOS, Android)

You'll have more fun with this app than any other released this year. Essentially, Dubsmash lets you film yourself lip-syncing to thousands of video clips of popular songs and movies. You can then share the mostly hilarious results with your friends.

HBO Now (iOS, Android)

2015 was the year HBO finally released its standalone service. For $15 a month, you get on-demand access to the entire HBO library, including excellent shows like The Sopranos and more.

Fit Men Cook (iOS)

Kevin Curry is quickly rising as a celebrity chef who can help you get in shape, and his dedicated app features hundreds of healthy yet delicious recipes. And not only are the written instructions included, but most of them have videos to help you make sense of it all.

Wildcard (iOS)
This news app is designed for news junkies who don't have time to delve deep into stories and just want a surface view of the day's major stories. It's clear, concise and beautifully designed.

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