Here comes GoogleFeud to waste all of your time today

Google's autocomplete feature is a constant source of amusement. And by amusement, we also mean: horror, fear, disgust, pity and about 562 other emotions. If you tell us that you've never started typing something in Google's little search box simply for the fun of seeing what Google suggests as the rest of your search term, well, we will call you a dirty liar. Either that, or you are someone who doesn't know about fun.

Because Google's autocomplete is so much fun, a couple of folks turned it into a game. GoogleFeud patches into Google and turns it into a Family Feud (as though you couldn't guess from the name) style game that will waste your hours. When our boss here at PokerNews sent us this link this morning, he said "prepare to waste time." He was right. That was like 5 hours ago and we're just now getting things done. It's his fault.

The game follows Family Feud's format, which means you have to guess words to complete a sentence the game gives you. The only difference is that you're awarded points for the top ten Google autocomplete terms, with the higher-ranked terms earning you more points.

Once you start playing GoogleFeud, the rest of your day will be ruined. Trust us. And don't blame us when your boss comes around asking what you've done, and you haven't done accomplished a single thing of note. It's not our fault.

What do you think?