Here Is The Most Powerful Jeep Ever Created

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to buy a Dodge Challenger. I couldn't figure out which model I want, so I decided to test drive a few of them. And just for fun, I took a Challenger SRT Hellcat out for a spin.

Let me tell you: This was not a good idea.

The 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat is just too much car for a regular dude like me to handle. The moment I pressed the gas pedal—and I barely touched it, I promise—the car sprang forward like a bat out of, well, hell. It was terrifying and loud and I knew in that instant that I would be staying as far away from that car as possible.

So you can imagine how I feel about the Jeep Trailcat. Every year, there's a Jeep Easter Safari, bringing out Jeep owners from all over the world. And every year, Jeep produces some concept vehicles just for the Safari.

This year, there are quite a few. But the most notable of the bunch is the Trailcat: a current-generation Wrangler with a Hellcat engine stuffed inside. It's the same 707-horsepower engine used in the Challenger Hellcat, and I imagine it is just as terrifying. It has a six speed manual transmission, and the Hellcat engine sends power to all four 39.5 inch wheels.

Inside the Trailcat, you'll sit in Dodge Viper bucket seats, giving this monster even more of a terrifying and ominous feel.

Jeep also brought out the Crew Chief 715, a tactical truck that looks a lot like the military vehicles Jeep made for the U.S. Army in the olden days.

There's also the Jeep Commanche, a concept truck. I can't decide how I feel about this one.

Finally, there's the Jeep FC150, a modded 1960 Forward Control truck. This is a gorgeous vintage vehicle.

What do you think?