Jack Daniels barrel proof whiskey is the best Jack of them all

Jack Daniels is arguably the most popular American purveyor of whiskey. They don't make the best whiskey in the world; this ain't Pappy Van Winkle. But it's also not the worst stuff you can stock your liquor cabinet with, either.

The distillery often releases special edition whiskeys. Some of them are crap whiskeys with added flavors, and you want to stay away from those because they are disgusting. But sometimes they release special bottles that are unique and interesting in their own way.

The latest special edition falls into the latter category. The new Single Barrel, Barrel Proof bottles are a Prohibition-style whiskey that is unlike anything Jack Daniels has released in a long time. It's the same recipe as regular old Jack Daniels—why mess with a 150 year old recipe, after all?—but the difference here is that it's not watered down at all.

Essentially, what you're getting here is whiskey directly from the barrel. Ranging from 125-140 proof, you'll find that many bottles of this whiskey are quite different from each other. That's because they're aged in different barrels, and the resulting flavor of each whiskey will depend on which barrelhouse and even what floor of the barrelhouse it was aged in.

Each bottle will be labeled with the exact barrel it was aged in, so you can keep track of your favorites.

If you grab a bottle of this when it's released next month, please do us a favor: do not mix it with Coke. We might cry if you do.

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