Kahn's Land Rover Defender is Finally Available

Land Rovers are awesome. In a general sense, I mean. Even the cheapest Land Rover says, hey, I am pretty awesome and I have good taste in vehicles.

But you know what's really awesome? When a Land Rover has an extra pair of wheels, thus turning it into a six-wheeled monster that can take down just about any terrain on this planet or any other.

That's the Kahn Land Rover Defender 6x6. This thing used to exist only in concept form, as a lovingly-detailed image that we could only see in our dreams. But now...it's available for purchase. Sure, it'll cost you $315,000. But if you've had a good year at the tables (or if you are Ronda Rousey), that's a drop in the bucket.

This conversion adds 31.5 extra inches to the rear of a Land Rover Defender for the third axle and storage space. Oh, and it adds over 15 inches of space in the front to accomodate a 430 horsepower, 6.2L V8 engine. The exterior is painted in something Kahn calls "Volcanic Rock Satin," while the interior is all red leather seating.

In short, this is a badass Land Rover conversion that can handle anything you throw at it, and you'll be riding in style while doing so.

What do you think?