Kick your pool party up a notch with these floating Bluetooth speakers

Summer is here. Well, at least it's here everywhere but in Las Vegas. Here in Sin City, Mother Nature teases us with a bunch of nice, warm days in a row. And then one day you wake up and it's suddenly 60 degrees and raining with a high of 65. Seriously, Earth. Pick a temperature and stick with it.

But at some point soon, summer will be here for good (or at least for a few months) and it will finally be pool season. Vegas is known for pool season; where else can you spend $100 for the privilege of hanging out by a pool and ordering $25 drinks with umbrellas and brightly-colored straws? If you're a lady, of course, this isn't a problem for you, because you get into pools for free. Life isn't fair.

So if you're like us, and you don't feel like emptying your bank account just to sit out in the hot sun, on the concrete (because you have to pay an extra $50 for a chair), only to be forced to listen to the latest and greatest from Skrillex, you need the new Monster Superstar Backfloat wireless speaker. With this bad boy, you can create your own pool party, wherever you are.

This incredible little piece of technology is a completely waterproof speaker that is designed to float in the water. Yes, you read that correctly: you're supposed to take this thing into the pool with you. It floats around while you splash around, blasting out the latest and greatest Taylor Swift tunes from your iPhone sitting comfortably out of harm's way in the shade. It has great sound, particularly on the bass end, and there's an added bonus: this thing works great in the shower, making it the perfect addition to your personal karaoke-time lineup.

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