Listen to music and track activity at the same time with these headphones

Personal health tracking devices are all the rage these days. Right? They're one of the hottest trends in the world. Whether it's Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Apple or any one of a host of hundreds of options, there are plenty to choose from, and plenty of you have chosen.

But some of you don't like wearing devices on your wrist, or you're afraid you'll lose the kind of tiny trackers that are designed to stay in your pocket throughout the day. (Don't worry, that is an absolutely credible fear, as I am a person who has lost one of those trackers in the past). And some of you want something that fits more closely with your workout regime and you don't want to ruin an expensive electronic device ruined by the gallons of sweat you grossly pour all over it.

If you're one of those folks, I've got something for you. They're called the Misfit Specter Activity Tracking Headphones. The company already has fitness trackers on the market, but these are different, obviously, because they are built into a great pair of headphones. The audio is great, driven by dual drivers and noise isolation, and they also have two microphones to help deliver clear audio to the recipient of your calls.

They do all the normal fitness tracking things, of course, like track steps, distance, calories and more. They also track sleep quality, which is a little weird because it means you have to keep your earbuds planted in your ears while you sleep. But maybe that's something you already do. If that's the case, then these might be perfect for you.

No price has been announced for the headphones, but they're coming soon. If you need more information, you can check out Misfit's website.

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