Lomo's New Camera Uses Real Film, Which Still Actually Exists

Quick: when was the last time you took a photo that wasn't square AND did not have a filter?

Instagram and its ilk have changed the way we take photos, with filters that harken back to a different time, when Polaroid was king and photos had a depth to them that is often missing with plain old digital cameras. But there are those who still prefer film, because no matter how good digital cameras get, you just can't replicate the feel of film. Or at least that's what photo hipsters say. I just like cool things that take cool photos.

For the best of both of those worlds, check out the new Lomo Instant Montenegro Camera. It's made of black leather and silver and uses Fujifilm Instant Mini film; that's a honest to goodness actual film that you can still find in real stores. (Trust me on this. I checked just to make sure. Now, I have no idea where you can get said film developed. But it exists, and this camera uses it).

The resulting photos will be square and they will look classic, so you don't even need to find a good filter after you can them and email them to yourself for Instagram or Facebook posting. Because you know that's exactly what you're going to do with this $200 camera.

The Lomo ships with three lenses: fisheye, portrait and a close-up for getting great shots of your friends in up close and personal fashion. It also comes with a selection of color gels to change up your photos even more. They're like filters, only they require you to actually do some work.

What do you think?