Make Delicious Beef Jerky at Home With This Easy Kit

Beef jerky is one of the best snacks in the world. This is an undisputable fact. It is delicious and nutritious, and there are hundreds of different flavors available to match your tastes, whatever they may be.

But beef jerky is expensive. A pound of the stuff at your local grocery store might cost you $15. That's a major turn-off for a lot of people.

We're of the belief that delicious things that are good for you should not cost an arm and a leg. Which is why we're here today to point out this new do it yourself beef jerky kit from Fleishers Craft Butchery.

The kit costs $30 and inludes two different spice blends, two non-stick drying screens, an oven door stopper and the instructions you need to make your own delicious, cost-effective jerky at home.

All you need is the kit and one pound of your favorite beef. Fleishers recommends beef rounds or flank steak, but you could also go with buffalo or another nutritious meat. Just don't pick chicken; chicken jerky is gross and is not a real thing.

Next time you've got a craving for dried beef, don't break the bank. Grab this kit and make some at home. You'll be glad you did.

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