Make your home wifi better with Luma

Do you have crappy home wifi? Or do you have a giant house but just one router? Both of these problems are a major issue of sorts. If you've got a terrible home router located in your living room, there's a good chance you experience bad signal loss when you move your laptop from the living room into the bedroom or the back porch.

Or the bathroom. No judgment here, folks. Just saying.

The Luma system allows you to completely blanket your home in wifi signal, eliminating dead spots. It uses an app to map out your home and tell you the best spots to put your Luma hotspots to create the best home network possible. And for parents, the Lumas also allow you to monitor usage on individual devices (so each of your kids can have their own hotspot and you can see what kind of....er....sites they are spending their time on). And all of them feature enterprise-level security for absolute peace of mind.

Does this sound intriguing? Well, get yourself a Luna today.

What do you think?