Netflix's Fuller House Teaser Brings the Nostalgia in a Big Way

Any self-respecting child of the late 80's and early 90's was a fan of Full House.

Today, some of your friends might pretend they were too cool to watch it (or Home Improvement or any other awesome sitcom from those days). Let us fill you in on a simple truth about those people: they are liars. Everyone watched Full House, and everyone loved it. That's why it holds a special place in our hearts even today, even after Uncle Joey fell off the map and after the Olsen twins became a walking, talking collective train wreck.

Netflix, because Netflix is awesome, is bringing back the gang in 2016 for Fuller House. Well, everyone but the Olsen twins, but we're probably better off without them. In the new show, D.J. Tanner is a widowed mother of three who is having difficulty raising her kids on her own, so she enlists the help of younger sister Stephanie and former zany neighbor Kimmy Gibbler. Bob Saget, John Stamos, the aforementioned Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin return (though all but D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy are sadly in just for one episode) to the infamous house in San Francisco with the iconic red door.

A teaser trailer was released on Thursday for the show, and though it literally shows zero characters from the show, it will still fill you with a sense of longing. The entire series will be released on the streaming service on February 26.

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