Never Break a Dumb Suitcase Wheel Again with Heys Stealth Luggage

If you're like us, you probably travel a lot. Oh, and also you hate suitcases. Because as you know, suitcases are usually piles of crap that break under the weight of traveling. Which is unfortunate because, you know, suitcases have one thing to do, and that's to help you travel without all of your crap spilling all over the place.

The main problem with all the suitcases we've ever owned? The wheels. We spend $350 on a suitcase that looks awesome and will stand out at baggage claim. It has four wheels, because four wheels are much better than two wheels when rolling a suitcase through a giant airport like Heathrow. And then, predictably, our new four-wheel suitcase only has two wheels by the end of the trip, because the stupid wheels broke off.

That's not exactly optimal when you're flitting around the world, playing poker. You want less frustration, not more.

Which is where Heys come in. The luggage maker has a new line called the Stealth, and the wheels retract. Yes, they retract! Which means no more stumbling into your room in the middle of the night and drunkenly stepping on one of your suitcase wheels, breaking both your ankle and a wheel in one fell swoop. Not that that's ever happened to us.

The Heys Stealth also features a fully polycarbonate shell and interior with compression straps. Also, it looks like the future. Comes in 21", 26" and 30" varieties. Next time you hit the airport to play poker abroad, take one of these bad boys with you. The $250 will be the best money you ever spent.

What do you think?