New Apple TV features motion remote, Siri and App Store

The Apple TV is probably the best set top streaming device available. There are tons of great options—including Roku and the Amazon Fire—but the Apple TV's ease of use, seamless performance and integration with the Apple universe (movies, music, etc.) make it my favorite choice for binge watching stuff on Netflix.

The price is also good. The last generation of the Apple TV sells for $69. But that's all about to change.

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple will introduce a new Apple TV at the upcoming iPhone announcement. Instead of being priced at $69, this one will likely sell for either $149 or $199.

So what's with the premium price? Well, the new version of the Apple TV will come with Siri built in, which might be handy. But the real reason: according to the report, the box will come with a new motion-sensing remote, much like the Nintendo Wii. That likely means you'll be able to play some sweet games on your TV.

The new version will also allow developers to create apps that will be available in a new App Store. Up to now, users had to make do with the apps Apple selected for the device.

The new Apple TV will give users access to Apple's long-planned television subscription service, which is scheduled to launch next year. The service will bundle popular cable channels together for as low as $40 a month, much like the recently launched Slingbox service. Perfect for cord-cutters everywhere.

The current version of the Apple TV will stay on sale at the same price. But the new options available on the premium Apple TV might just make it hard to pass up.

The announcement of the new Apple TVis expected on September 9. The devices are expected to ship in October.

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