Nike Finally Prepares to Release Self-Lacing Shoes

If there is one thing from my childhood that I could make a reality just by wishing it into existence, it would be the hover board from Back to the Future. Not these crappy hover board things they have today, the ones that catch on fire and cost thousands of dollars. No, I'd have the real thing, a board that hovers about the ground like the one owned by Marty McFly, because that's what "hover" and "board" mean when you put the two words together. A board that hovers. Not a board that rolls on the ground and causes horrific accidents.

But if there's a second thing I could wish into existence, it would be the auto-lacing shoes Marty wore in the movie. Yes, I'm sure you can sense that I'm something of a BTTF (as we call it in the inner circle) nerd. No, I do not care to hear your opinion about my BTTF nerddom, and I certainly don't need you to tell me why BTTF isn't a pile of crap that should not be completely ignored when discussing the movies.

Right now, I just want you to imagine what our world would be like with self-lacing shoes. Did you imagine it? Good. Because your imagination just became a reality. Nike, after way too many years of research, is finally release honest to goodness self-lacing shoes.

There's a sensor in the sole of the shoe, and when you step in the show, it can sense it and will automatically tighten the laces up for you. There are also buttons that allow you to manually loosen or tighten them, but why would you ever do that?

The shoes aren't on sale yet, nor do we know when they'll be released. But they're close enough for me to finally declare this childhood dream a reality.

What do you think?