Show Your Love of Film with These Gorgeous Prints

Are you a movie buff? When I say "movie buff," I don't mean you ocassionally make a trip to the theater with a group of friends to see the latest flick about Katnip Everdew or whatever her name is.

When I say "movie buff," I mean you're the type who goes to the local theater in the middle of the day to see the arthouse flick you know will be up for Best Picture at the end of the year.

And if you're the type who digs watching film, then chances are you enjoying collecting stuff centered around your favorite flicks.

Are you that type? I am. Which is why I know you'll love these sweet portraits of some of Hollywood's best directors from Stellavie.

These are true works of limited art—there are only 200 available for each director—and they're made from the highest-quality material. These giclée pieces measure 16"x20", and are printed on acid-free paper. Each portrait shows the director's face mixed in with striking and memorable images from their most iconic films.

My personal favorites: the Martin Scorsese, Quinton Tarantino and Tim Burton. All three are available, but perhaps David Lynch is more up your alley? He's available, too.

Won't these look good in your home theater, perhaps with a black frame? Yes, they will. They're available now for 90 euros.

What do you think?