Siri is Coming to Your Apple Computer This Fall

Siri is that thing most of us either love or hate on our Apple phones. Me? I love the feature. I use Siri constantly, whether it's in traffic for road updates or weather reports or even to call my parents without looking away from the road. In Nevada, where I currently reside, the police are super in love with the idea of pulling people over for anything that might be considered distracted driving.

No joke: I was once pulled over for eating a breakfast taco. If you want to see how a breakfast taco can go from amazingly delicious to terrible in a hurry, try getting yourself pulled over by the cops while eating one. You'll want to throw your taco out the window in shame when you're done.

Anyway, Siri is awesome. And this fall, Siri is finally expected to make her way to your Mac laptops and iMac desktops via the latest version of Apple's OSX software. Apple has been testing the function internally for around four years, and it is finally ready for home consumption.

Here's how it works: Siri will exist as an icon in the top menu bar, alongside the volume and Airplay and other such controls. When you click that Siri button, the interface pops up, and you can talk to Siri exactly in the way you would Siri on your phone or Apple Watch. You can tweak desktop Siri's functions in a dedicated System Preferences pane. And if you have your Mac plugged into a power outlet, you'll get the option to say "Hey Siri" and have the app pop up without using your mouse to click anything. Which is great for the super lazy like me.

What do you think?