Solar Paper is the world's thinnest solar phone charger

Running out of power on your mobile devices is just the worst. In a day where technology gives us self-driving cars and virtual reality, it's just utterly ridiculous that one of our biggest concerns is our iPhone lasting an entire day before we have to find a place to charge it. It doesn't even make sense.

Fortunately, there are awesome solar chargers like Solar Paper to help us out, because the sun is one thing that isn't hard to find (unless you live in Seattle, but why would you live in Seattle? No offense, Seattle, but you are just far too gray and depressing).

At just 0.15 inches thin, it's the world's thinnest solar charger, and it has the juice to power up your iPhone in just 2.5 hours. And you don't have to sit out in the sun while you're charging, either; that would be terrible for news for ginger people like myself, who burn within 20 minutes of exposure to the sun like a vampire unless I bathe in sunscreen.

Solar Paper can be charged by the sun and then taken with you wherever you go. No more trying to find a power outlet deep in the dusty halls of a casino, huddling over your precious charging phone like Gollum. Slip this bad boy inside a book or your pocket and take it with you wherever you go, comfortable in the knowledge that you can charge up your phone and check on your daily fantasy sports teams.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Get your own Solar Paper via their Kickstarter page right now.

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