Stay Fresh at the poker table with the Vyper foam roller

Yesterday, we told you about great ice compression packs from a company called Hyperice. Those packs are great and aid tremendously in recovery, especially when you're old like us and you want to play poker for 15 hours and not feel like your body is going to instantly turn into dust the second you stand up.

But if you want to take your recovery to the next level, you need a good foam roller. Foam rollers have become all the rage in recent years. Chances are pretty good that you've seen them at the gym, or you've seen someone using one. Some are flat, some have menacing knobs protruding that are used for deep massages.

But the best roller of them all is made by Hyperice. It is called the Vyper. There is no ice involved. Instead, what you get is a 13" firm foam roller with some fancy vibrating technology on the inside. There's a power switch on one side, and a button on the other side that lets you choose between three vibration settings: low, medium and high. In reality, it feels like the vibration settings should be called "High, Higher and OMG So High;" this thing is a monster in the vibration department.

You use the Vyper like you would any other foam roller, but the super-intense vibrating makes all the difference. It feels like it absolutely melts your muscles. We had a pretty intense knot in our back after a deadlifting session yesterday, and it was painful. After 2 minutes with the Vyper, the knot was completely gone, and it left our muscles feeling relaxed and warm.

The Vyper isn't cheap. It'll run you $200, making it the most expensive roller we've ever seen. But it's also the most effective roller we've ever used. And it's small enough to fit in your bag, which means you can take it around the world and use it to stretch out that aching body after a long day spent at the tables.

In Las Vegas? Pick up the Vyper at the Las Vegas Fight Shop, or order directly from Hyperice.

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