Take Virtual Reality to the Next Level with the Teslasuit

Virtual reality is all the craze these days, and with good reasons. Back in the 1990's, I used to go stand in line at Dave and Busters just to use their virtual reality machines, and the only thing you could do in those things was pretty much stand around and look at shapes in the distance. Yeah, virtual reality has come a long way, even if today's news that the Oculus Rift's controllerhas been delayed might hit you right in the sadness-maker.

Regardless, virtual reality is still a thing that will play a major part in how we consume entertainment in the future. And if future tech is anything like the Teslasuit, well, it's a future that's going to be felt, seen and heard.

As you can tell from the photo up there, the Teslasuit — up on Kickstarter for pre-order at a nifty not-low price of $1,800 — is a suit that looks a bit like a diving rig. It has a haptic feedback system (much like the stuff found in modern video game control systems) inside the clothing to provide sensory feedback. It uses Bluetooth to connect, and there are two models providing 16 and 52 channels of feedback. It's also modular, which means you'll be able to buy upgrades for it like a very expensive version of "In App Purchases Available." The coolest (or hottest, pardon the pun) is the upcoming temperature control system that will allow you to feel heat and cold in your games.

It works with any VR headset, which means you can have one available when your Oculus finally arrives in your grubby little hands.

What do you think?