Are You a Poker Pro Looking for Companionship? Here's the 411 on Travel Dating

Miss Travel Poker

Poker players are frequent travelers who take trips throughout the world in pursuit of adventure, glory, and of course lots of cash.

Despite a growing number of women in poker who are a force at the table themselves, the poker circuit is still predominantly a man’s world. Trips to grind the live tournament scene or to simply get back to the virtual felt normally consist of a lot of male bonding. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Shuffle things up a bit by taking a break from the bromance and adding in a little romance on your next trip around the world with MissTravel.

MissTravel is a travel dating website that connects singles who love to travel and are looking to enhance their worldly experiences with someone by their side. First and foremost, MissTravel users are passionate about travel. The site connects like-minded people from all over the world who believe that the world is their playground and that traveling is a richer experience when it's shared.

The world of a poker player is the envy of any travel dater with a serious case of wanderlust. Many people are not afforded the opportunity or freedom to go around the world in pursuit of their passion.

For the first-time MissTravel user, here are a few tips that are sure to enhance any travel-dating experience:

Talk About Your Experiences

If you’ve travelled for poker, your passport is most likely covered in stamps. While your friends and family may be tired of hearing about all the incredible places you’ve been, your curious travel companion won’t be. This is your time to boast and brag about all the adventures you’ve taken. Not to mention it’s a much better conversation piece than explaining how you lost that big pot that one time with aces because of how bad you run at poker.

Be Open

Travel daters are adventurous by definition, so be open to all the experiences that a new locale and your new companion have to offer. Even if you’re not the most adventurous eater, try a bite of a local delicacy; showing a willingness dive into the local culture will be enough to impress any travel date.

Set Your Expectations

While being open is key, it is also important to set your expectations. Before committing to a getaway, be sure to discuss what kind of trip you are looking for with your potential travel companion. You don’t want to end up with an avid hiker when what you’re really looking for is rest and relaxation. That would be a pretty bad beat indeed.

If you’re curious to see what really goes on on during a MissTravel date, watch what happens when 2013 World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner and PokerNews Managing Editor Chad Holloway is paired on a blind date in Las Vegas.

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