The Airbolt Smart Travel Lock Takes Your Travel Game to the Next Level

Traveling sometimes sucks.

Let me rephrase that: the thing that go along with traveling suck. I'm talking about the TSA, of course, but I'm also talking about the airlines. How many times have you arrived at your destination only to find your luggage smashed, cracked or even completely lost? It happens far more times than it should.

There's a new Kickstarter that's aiming to at least help curb some of that travel frustration. The new Airbolt Smart Travel Lock is a Bluetooth-enabled rope lock that syncs up with an app on your phone. To unlock it, you just press a button on the app. And you can also set an unlock code on the lock itself, should your Bluetooth stop working for whatever reason.

Other things the Airbolt can do: set an alarm that will buzz whenever your bag is separated from you, in case some skeezy dude tries to steal it at the airport. It also uses GPS to show the location of your bag, which will be perfect when your airline sends your bag to Montreal when it's supposed to go to Montana.

The Airbolt is also TSA compliant and will alert you if the TSA opens your bag while you aren't around. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charges via microUSB, just like a lot of Android phones. And there will be apps for both Android and iOS devices.

The Airbolt has already reached its Kickstarter goal, but you can still get in on the action if you want.

What do you think?