The BattleCade is a gorgeous, old school gaming device for 2

Remember Battleship? It was an awesome board game filled with strategy, but the coolest part was undoubtedly the setup: your board sat with its back against your opponents board, which eliminated cheaters who took glances at your pieces to gain an advantage. Cheaters suck. I can remember playing Tecmo Bowl and having to cover my NES controller so that my friends couldn't see which play I selected, or playing Goldeneye and wishing I had my own screen so that my cheating cousins could not watch my screen to figure out where I was on the map.

In the spirit of Battleship, this new BattleCade arcade concept from Love Hulten places two 12" LCD screens back to back, with a full-featured arcade stick on each side for two players. It is handmade from gorgeous American walnut, and the system itself is an emulator, which means you can run just about any classic game you can think of.

And because you each sit on a side with your own screen, it eliminates cheaters who stare at screens and controllers.

The BattleCade folds up into a perfect walnut carrying case. There's no price listed yet, but I imagine it will be expensive when it finally becomes a reality. But hey, if you're going to play old school arcade games against your friends, why not do it in style and without the worry of cheating?

What do you think?