The Bentley Speed 6 Concept Car Might Be The Future of Luxury Sports Cars

The recent Geneva Motor Show was full of drool-worthy cars, but few of them made the heart race like the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6. Granted, this bad boy is just a concept car, which means it may never see full production. And that would be a crying shame, because the Speed 6 just screams absolute luxury in a way few other cars do.

But the Speed 6 is more than just luxurious. Bentley is billing it as "the Bentley sports car."

The company calls the Speed 6 "the future of Bentley's design ambition," and it is easy to see why. It is a high performance car made from the best materials, and an extreme attention to detail was paid on both the outside and inside. An ample amount of super-fine leather covers surfaces on the interior. The classic Bentley "B" is etched in wood on the gear selector.

And a 12-inch curved touchscreen, controlling nearly all of the car's functions, adds a touch of modernism to what already looks like a classic car.

The handmade look even extends past the part; the Speed 6 concept comes with matching Bentley leather suitcases in the trunk.

Because it is a concept car, Bentley hasn't set a price or release date for the Speed 6. We don't even know if this car will make it to the production line. But given how much thought and care Bentley put into this concept, it is hard to imagine at least portions of this beauty not appearing on future Bentley releases. So if you win this year's (or future editions) EPT Malta event, well, you might have a pretty good way to spend your money.

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