The Leica SL Is Here, and It Is Incredible

Any avid camera lover knows Leica. Of course they do. Leica the brand name is synonymous with the best photography has to offer. Granted, they aren't the cheapest, and they often are not the first to market with a particular new technology. But when they hit, they tend to redefine what excellence in photography is all about.

Take the new Leica SL, for example. It is not the first full frame mirrorless camera to hit the market, but as usual, it is probably the best. This thing has the fastest autofocus in the entire world - it focuses so quickly that you can't even tell it's happening. Yes, it's that fast. And it snaps at 24 megapixels and can save high-resolution JPG and DNG images simultaneously. Another cool feature? Look in the viewfinder and press the shutter button halfway down. You'll get an instant preview of what your finished photo will look like with almost literally zero latency.

This is one gorgeous camera. It's a weather-sealed aluminum body that can take anything you throw at it. It can shoot 11 frames per second even at high resolution, and oh, it can record 4k video. Yeah, this thing does it all.

Again, it ain't cheap. The body starts at $7,450. But if you're a serious photographer looking for another incredible addition to your arsenal - and one with a bit smaller footprint than you're used to getting from most cameras - this is the one for you.

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