The Lexus Hoverboard is a real thing, and we want to try it

Pretty much ever since the release of Back to the Future 2, there have been seemingly hundreds of companies who've claimed they have created a hoverboard. And all of us get our hopes up, because the hoverboard is a magical thing that all of us have wanted since watching Marty McFly zip around on one during the movie.

Unfortunately, all of those companies have been dirty liars. Most of the dirty lying companies claimed they made a hoverboard because they wanted to start a viral campaign for some new product. But all it really did is make me hate them.

Lexus is the latest to claim that they've created a hoverboard. I was all prepared to add them to my list of companies I hate, right there alongside Applebee's and Carl's Jr.

But here's the thing: this one is real.

It'll be released August 5, which is next week! In one week, the world will finally have a glorious, working hoverboard. My inner child is screaming with delight.

There's a catch, though. You can't just buy one of these and cruise down your sidewalk. The Lexus hoverboard will only work in a specially-designed skate park in Barcelona. There are ramps and half pipes and all manner of props that you'd normally find in a skate park, but the concrete is embedded with magnet strips that make the hoverboard work. Science, ya'll.

Barcelona is a long flight, but it seems worth it for the chance to live the lifelong dream of cruising on a hoverboard. And if you're heading that way for the EPT stop in Barcelona, you have no reason to not go try this hoverboard. In fact, it would be downright criminal if you don't.

If you DO try the Lexus hoverboard while in Barcelona, please be sure to drop us a line and give us your review. We'll live vicariously through you until we can try it out on our own.

Jeremy Botter is the Lifestyle editor for PokerNews.com. Yes, he realizes this post (and all others) have nothing to do with poker. But that's why it's the Lifestyle section. Follow him on Twitter.

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