The New View-Master is an Affordable VR Experience

You guys remember the View-Master? Today, it is hard to fathom that they even existed. The old View-Masters were these red plastic contraptions that came with circular discs. On those discs were a series of photos, and when you put the disc into the View-Master and stare into the lenses, you could view all the photos with just a flick of the switch on the right hand side.

And the thing was, they were awesome. I loved looking into those things. It felt something like another world, even though it was such a simple idea.

Technology has come a long way, of course. If a kid from today's generation looked into one of the classic View-Masters, they'd likely ask you why you are punishing them. And that's where the new View-Master comes in.

The new View-Master is actually a virtual reality headset. Think of it as an upgraded version of the cheaper Google Cardboard. Instead of those old white photo discs, the new VM uses your phone to power a pretty convincing virtual reality experience. I mean, it has nothing on some of the upcoming VR headsets that allow you to play top-shelf games, but for $20, it's a really cool experience. And there are a bunch of VR apps already on the App Store in a ton of different genres, including the highly-rated New York Times VR app with custom news experiences that feel incredibly immersive in VR.

And plus, Google Cardboard is cheap, flimsy and looks stupid on your face.

If you're looking for a good, cheap way to get into VR, why not use a blast from the past like the View-Master?

What do you think?