The Pyro Fireshooter Will Make You Feel Like a Superhero

Who wants to shoot fireballs from their hands?

Pretty much everybody, that's who.

The ability to shoot spiderwebs from our wrists and swing around New York City like you-know-who is pretty high on our list of most desired superheroes. But that isn't feasible because, well, if a radioactive spider chomps down on your human flesh, you're probably going to die and not gain amazing powers like Peter Parker.

But shooting fireballs from your hand is a pretty cool thing, too. If nothing else, it makes for an awesome party trick when you're trying to impress the new friends you met at the Rio during the WSOP.

"Oh, you won a bracelet today?," you'll say. "I can shoot fireballs from my wrist." And then you shoot fireballs from your wrist, and you are suddenly the most popular person in Las Vegas behind Criss Angel, because that guy probably already knows how to shoot fireballs from his wrist.

If you want to shoot flaming balls of absolute glory from your hands, you'll need the PYRO Fireshooter. It was created by a dude named Adam Wilber, and it'll cost you $174. Here's what he says about the device:

"The first of its kind, PYRO is a high-tech, wrist-worn, James Bond style device that allows you to shoot magnificent balls of fire from your open hand. Featuring four separate chambers for multiple shots, an easy to use remote device, soft touch finish and adjustable wrist strap, PYRO is about to turn up the heat on your performances."

Really, you had us at "shoot magnificent balls of fire from your open hand." But then you say it's a James Bond-style device, and our hearts start fluttering.

Sign us up.

PYRO Fireshooter ($174)

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