The Spine Wallet is your new must-have minimalist wallet

If you're anything like me, you hate regular wallets. You know the ones I'm talking about: they're made of leather, they don't fit in your back pocket and, over time, they become increasingly filled to overflowing with things you do not need.

That's how wallets work, after all. You have the storage space, and so you use it, keeping all manner of receipts and business cards and other crap. And eventually, your wallet is so thick that it's a huge, bulging mess that is either totally uncomfortable every time you try to sit down or is too big to fit in your front pocket without making it look like you have a giant, square-shaped bulge on your leg. And nobody wants that, especially when you're spending long hours sitting at a poker table.

But never fear: there is a minimalist wallet movement afoot, and it is a good thing. Minimalist wallets get rid of all the stuff you don't need and allow you to carry the basics: your ID card, a few credit/debit cards and cash. You pare down the things you carry to the absolute essentials.

The best of these minimalist wallets that we've seen is the Spine Wallet. It is ultra-simplistic in nature: a thin piece of titanium, wrapped tightly with an elastic band to keep your cards together.

The Spine is gorgeous, featuring beautiful design from creator Josh Barclay. The titanium is perfectly cut, and it has an added feature: it doubles as a bottle opener. The titanium bends when opening a bottle of beer, but pops right back into place due to the strength of the metal. With the Spine, you'll never want for a beer bottle opener again. That's kind of awesome.

The Spine comes in a variety of colors, and they'll even laser-etch your name or favorite phrase into the titanium. Prices start at $30 for the standard version, with a few more dollars added on for laser etching and other features.

What do you think?