The Wondercube is the Ultimate Accessory for your Cell Phone

Just when you think every cell phone accessory that possibly be invented already exists, along comes something like the Wondercube. And it just blows your mind, because it is so simple and so awesome and somebody is going to make a million dollars from it and why didn't we think of it first?

The Wondercube was launched on Indiegogo a few days ago, and it has already well exceeded its $50,000 funding request. And for good reason. And the reason is that the Wondercube is awesome.

The Wondercube is essentially all of the things you need for your phone, but wrapped up in a tiny cube that hangs from your keychain. Including in the Wondercube:

1. A retractable USB or Lightning cable, depending on the style of phone you have.
2. A hook-up for a 9 volt battery. Yes, you can charge your phone with a 9 volt battery. We aren't making this up.
3. It works as a phone stand for watching movies or playing with poker apps.
4. You can plug an SD card into it to add extra memory to your phone.
5. It's a flashlight. Seriously. It is an LED flashlight.

With the Wondercube, you don't have to desperately look for a power outlet in a casino that seems intent on keeping you away from a power outlet. Just keep the Wondercube on your key chain and have a few 9 volt batteries on hand. Presto: no more dead phone battery. Which is a great thing, because we can all agree that a dead phone battery is just about the worst thing.

Wondercube ($79)

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