This 1-Wheeled Electric Board Feels Like a Hoverboard

I was born in the 1970's, which means I grew up in the 1980's. And if there's one thing that people who grew up in the 80's wanted, it's a hoverboard like the one Marty McFly sported in the Back to the Future series. There are plenty of things we wanted as kids, but there's only one thing we're still wishing actually existed as we approach our 40's (shut up, I'm not that old): the hoverboard. I still have vivid dreams about cruising down the street, just floating around and being awesome and doing tricks completely in the air.

I want one of those things badly enough that I'm a complete sucker who falls for those stupid viral videos showing "the Back to the Future hoverboard is real!" that kids make to fool old people such as myself every few years.

Let's be real: those things may never exist. At least not in my lifetime. But the Onewheel, from former snowboarder Kyle Doerksen? It comes very, very close to feeling like a hoverboard. Or, at least it comes close to feeling like what I IMAGINE a hoverboard would feel like.

As the name suggests, it's a one-wheeled electric vehicle that turns like a snowboard but feels like a hoverboard. Like the Segway scooter, it has a gyroscopic processor that keeps the thing balanced so you don't fall over and bust your ass all over the pavement. Because of that gyroscopic processor, you're able to fly around on this thing without giving balance a second thought.

And that's great for people like me, and for all of the security guards who will no doubt be patrolling your local mall on a Onewheel in the year 2023.

The Onewheel is available for order now. It'll set you back $1,500, but that's nothing when you consider how many of your childhood dreams are going to come true once you're riding it.

What do you think?