This Arkiv Backpack Is Perfect Outdoors or in the Office

We've covered a lot of different bags here at StayStacked. We've given you ideas for bags that can last in extreme conditions in the great outdoors. We've pointed you towards beautiful leather bags that will make everyone in the office jealous.

Today, we're giving you a bag that can serve both roles.

It's the R6 Modular Arkiv Field Backpack ($220), and it is a doozy. The reason it's so adaptable is the cool Arkiv modular system that allows you to customize the bag for just about any scenario you can imagine. You can add multiple cell phone containers, laptop sleeves and other pockets designed to hold every tool imaginable. Well, every tool imaginable except like a chainsaw or something like that. And really, why would you need a chaimsaw anyway? Especially in your backpack? That's just weird.

To top it all off, this backpack is completely waterproof, so it can survive in the great outdoors. So if you're considering taking advantage of this gorgeous weather as winter begins to turn into fall, this Arkiv backpack will be the perfect companion.

What do you think?